Can ISS now be seen in daylight? New array looking good !

From: John Locker (
Date: Tue Sep 19 2006 - 08:47:12 EDT

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    Well   despite the additional array , the answer is no , not with
    the naked eye.....yet !
    However , using high magnification it is possible to see some detail if you
    can locate the right pinpoint in the the right time.
    This morning at 1038bst  I had a nearby lunar transit of both the station 
    ISS.Unfortunately due to other committments , I couldn't travel , so I set
    up from home , roughly calculating a point in the sky through which the
    vehicles might pass , then left the camera running  .The Sun was just a few
    degrees to the east. The sky , for once , clear and very bright with the 
    crescent moon only  just visible.
    FOV was 6 arc minutes.
    Although no sign of Atlantis......ISS did flicker through the frames.....and
    the new array was visible.
    Predicted magnitude was 0.6 ( calsky )
    You can see a full report , plus images at:
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