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From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Wed Sep 13 2006 - 08:51:51 EDT

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    Feild of view
    When using video camera lens on video camera, I have a 3.5 degree feild of view.
    When using the video camera, at the end of the scope, with the focal reducer, then I get a 1/2
    degee feild of view.
    This is approx, don't have a precise measurement. For me that's good enough, for setting guide 8
    to display the feild of view. 
    Fintest stars seen
    In the 3.5 degree setup, around mag 9
    For the 1/2 degree setup, around mag 11
    Again approx, good enough for me.
    CCD chips are sensitive to IR light, so that will effect the faintest star I could see, versus
    using my eye and a eyepeice. instead of a ccd based video camera. I have a IR filter for the 1/2
    degree setup, but that cuts out light, making stars that have lots of IR light get fainter. And I
    use the stars for measuring the position of the 2 milstars, so me don't use it. I would, if I
    wanted to get magnitude obs, which I haven't done. Geo sat's to me don't have a standard mag,
    sorry. During the year as the angle between me the sun and sat change, the magnitude changes. And
    for the milstars when they flare up, then standard mag would be dead wrong. Beter go hide, before
    my fellow sat observer's come after me. That the impression I get sometimes. Sorry sometimes I
    just want to observe, not worry to much about mag and other data, sorry.
    Time shown in video, is based on UTC. 
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