Re: Re-entry over New Zealand??

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Tue Sep 12 2006 - 05:51:49 EDT

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    At 17:52 12/09/06, you wrote:
    >Hi Everyone,
    >                 We had a real beaut object enter over New Zealand at
    >15:55 NZST(03:55 UT ) today. It made one heck of a bang, and my sister
    >who lives in Christchurch said their brick house shook, with a rumble
    >that went on for some time after the bang. Another friend in
    >Chchristchurch has reported the same sort of effect. A seismograph in
    >the Port Hills above Christchurch also detected the sonic boom, but no
    >others around the area (>20km away) detected it.
    >Airline pilots saw the fireball, but I have little other info. It
    >appears to me to have been a decent sized bolide, which probably
    >dropped material off the SE coast of the South Island.
    >However, was anything man-made due in over our area today?
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