STS-114 laiunch scrubbed again

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Fri Sep 08 2006 - 12:09:47 EDT

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    The launch has been scrubbed again, this time owing to an issue with a fuel 
    We would have had a good chance of observation a few hours after launch, if 
    it gets away tomorrow we may still have an opportunity weather permitting. 
    Unfortunately the pass just after OMS-2 would have exited shadow just too 
    low to be seen here, but prospects of the next one being visible in a 
    dawning sky  around 1820 UTC were excellent.  The sky has not been very 
    helpful lately though - I mentioned in my message concerning Suitsat decay 
    that I was clouded out that morning, by dawn the sky was perfectly clear so 
    who knows!
    Incidentally docking was (and presumably still will be) due to occur in this 
    region  but would not be visible- had the launch been successful on the 
    first attempt we had shadow exit toward the end of the pass so might have 
    caught a glimpse.
    New Zealand
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