Re: Predicted decay of Suitsat

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Fri Sep 08 2006 - 05:42:55 EDT

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    Decay occurred only 6 minutes before the first pass referred to below.  (I 
    was aware of this some time ago via Space-Track but had to wait till it was 
    shown on public sites to avoid violating the user agreement.)
    It occurred over the sea just southwest of Australia.  In view of the local 
    time there and the fact it was over the sea it is possible there were no 
    sightings, but  there might be  a slight chance any remaining debris could 
    have headed in the direction of New Zealand.  At this stage I am not aware 
    of any re-entry, UFO,  mystery object or "fireball" reports!
    I did attempt observation but unfortunately was badly clouded out.
    New Zealand
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    > We have an invisible pass of Suitsat at this stage predicted on 7 
    > September at 1606 UTC. and a pass commencing at 1737 with shadow entry 
    > towards the end of the pass at relatively low elevation.
    > Both of these passes appear to be within the likely decay window.
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