RE: OT spam filters (was: Re: Geosat Flare Calculator)

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Fri Sep 08 2006 - 04:07:24 EDT

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    Brian wrote to Jeff:
    > Jeff Umbarger wrote:
    > <Snipola>
    > > "Bulk" (spam) folder. So if Yahoo does this then other 
    > > subscribers to SeeSat might have had this done to their 
    > > email as well. When I finally looked in my spam folder 
    > > I found many SeeSat emails from past poststhere. Sometimes
    > > the Yahoo Spam filter pushes it there for some unknown reason.
    Jeff, my ISP is partnered with Yahoo (i.e. too cheap and lacking in creativity
    to provide a robust e-mail service on its own) so I too have been receiving
    SeeSat-L messages with [BULK] added to the subject line, despite having
    white-listed SeeSat-L. Since Aug 21, the white-list has been ignored, apparently
    only for SeeSat-L. I have been hoping the problem would resolve on its own, but
    perhaps I need to contact my ISP/Yahoo.
    > <Snipola>
    > I've mentioned this quite some time ago, but I wish this
    > list prefixed something like "[SeeSat]" to the beginning
    > of the subject line so we can easily make a filter to 
    > automatically permit such messages. Many other lists I am 
    > subscribed to as well as some newsgroups do this (manually of 
    > course) so that users can more effectively filter against 
    > spam without these false positives.
    Brian, I receive several requests per year for a [SeeSat] tag on the subject
    line, but I dislike such tags, so I have declined.
    > Some software only has basic filtering capability that
    > only works on a handful of headers. All at least work on 
    > "Subject:" and/or "From:". Occasionally I get messages from 
    > the list that do not have anything "seesat" except in some 
    > obscure header like "Return-Path:" or one of the X headers. 
    > Not all software is capable of filtering on these headers. 
    > This seems to happen mainly to messages that have multiple recipients.
    All I can suggest is that if your mail client permits filtering on the message
    body, try filtering on a substring of the tag lines appended to all SeeSat-L
    messages, e.g. "Questions, SeeSat-L archive".
    Any further discussion of these matters should be taken to UseSat-L;
    alternatively, please feel free to contact me directly.
    Ted Molczan
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