OT spam filters (was: Re: Geosat Flare Calculator)

From: Skywise (skywise@dslextreme.com)
Date: Thu Sep 07 2006 - 22:35:29 EDT

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    Jeff Umbarger wrote:
    > "Bulk" (spam) folder. So if Yahoo does this then other
    > subscribers to SeeSat might have had this done to
    > their email as well. When I finally looked in my spam
    > folder I found many SeeSat emails from past posts
    > there. Sometimes the Yahoo Spam filter pushes it there
    > for some unknown reason.
    I've mentioned this quite some time ago, but I wish this
    list prefixed something like "[SeeSat]" to the beginning
    of the subject line so we can easily make a filter to
    automatically permit such messages. Many other lists I am
    subscribed to as well as some newsgroups do this (manually
    of course) so that users can more effectively filter
    against spam without these false positives.
    Some software only has basic filtering capability that
    only works on a handful of headers. All at least work on
    "Subject:" and/or "From:". Occasionally I get messages from
    the list that do not have anything "seesat" except in some
    obscure header like "Return-Path:" or one of the X headers.
    Not all software is capable of filtering on these headers.
    This seems to happen mainly to messages that have multiple
    So, the real question is, does the list software allow
    this? If so, I see no real reason not to implement it.
    Those who do not use filters would not be impacted while
    allowing those who do to take advantage of the feature.
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