Re: Satellite observing and the autokinetic illusion

From: Frits Westra (
Date: Fri Sep 01 2006 - 18:39:37 EDT

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    Thank you all, for your useful replies.
    In the meantime I also received below message from Allen Thomson, who once  
    was subscribed to this list.
    Frits Westra
    From: ALLEN THOMSON <thomsona@>
    I just learned that there is an inverse form of the autokinetic illusion  
    that's called, not surprisingly, the "autostatic illusion," "autostasis"  
    for short. says,
    AUTOKINESIS:  the apparent motion of an object which is the result of  
    irregular and uncontrollable movements of the eyeball.  Viewing stars,  
    Venus, and so forth while experiencing autokinesis gives these lights the  
    appearance of controlled, yet unusual flight.
    AUTOSTASIS:  the apparent cessation of an observed moving object caused by  
    irregular movements of the eyeballs as they try to follow an object like  
    an artificial man-made satellite.  The "UFO" appears to make repeated  
    stops in its flight.
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