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Date: Fri Sep 01 2006 - 15:29:14 EDT

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     It could be magnitude +7 to +15. I am betting on the latter. Does anyone
    know the visual magnitude of the crashes of the expended Apollo LEMS.
    It could impact one orbit before or after the nominal orbit because of
    terrain height uncertainties. It would be pretty amazing if it missed impact
    by just a few feet on orbit -1 or 0. I wonder just how close to the surface
    it could skim by without some sort of interaction with the lunar
    "atmosphere", tenuous as it may be.
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    > > Approx what time on Sat and where will be the best place in 
    > the world 
    > > to see it? Might be bad to miss it here on the east coast 
    > of the US as 
    > > the tropical storm will be raining on us. But hey, you never know.
    > > Anyone going to take a vid of it?
    > >
    > On the site there's a three-orbit window they're planning on 
    > putting it down in. The three orbital passes would occur at: 
    > 00:36, 05:41, 10:46 (UT). The site doesn't say where a good 
    > place to see it will be, but as far as I can tell (estimating 
    > where the moon is going to be), most lines of site from the 
    > earth will be at about a 45 degree angle looking down to the 
    > blast, so if debris rises vertically we should see it. Due to 
    > the moon phase, the crash site will be in the dark as well. 
    > This should make it easier to see molten rock that they expect.
    > I'm in Boston at the moment, I'll give the whether a 50% 
    > chance here. I don't have a video camera but I'll take pics 
    > if I can get to it fast enough (I have no idea how fast this 
    > is going to happen)
    > -Jack Carrozzo
    > jack {@}
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