RE: Satellite observing and the autokinetic illusion

From: Dale Ireland (
Date: Fri Sep 01 2006 - 11:14:56 EDT

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     Lots of people suffer from varying degrees of nystagmus which can be caused
    by many medications, other medical conditions or just be idiopathic. A lot
    of those reports probably come in on March 17th each year.
    Dale Ireland
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    > From: Frits Westra [] 
    > However, I regularly receive reports from members of the 
    > public who appear to have observed a passing satellite (often 
    > the ISS) at night, but who are reporting strange (impossible) 
    > non-linear movements of the satellite. E.g.  
    > jumping back and forth and zizagging along the track.
    > Frits Westra
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