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Kevin Fetter said the following on stardate 9/30/2005 19:12:
> Directv 5 that was parked at 72.7 degrees West is drifting. It currently at 88 degrees West.
> It appears they turned if off, and letting it drift. 
> Kevin

Supposedly it is on it's way to 109.8 W to replaced an ill satellite
(DirecTV 6).  DirecTV 1 is supposed to be at it's old location.


Adopted:  July 14, 2005	Released:  July 14, 2005

By the Deputy Chief, Satellite Division, International Bureau:

1.With this Order, we grant the request of DIRECTV Enterprises, LLC
(DIRECTV) for special temporary authority, for a period not to exceed
180 days from the release of this Order, to relocate its DIRECTV 1
satellite from its current position at the 101.125º W.L. orbital
location to the 72.5º W.L. orbital location,1 and to conduct Telemetry,
Tracking and Control (TT&C) functions for the satellite until the time
it reaches its new location, subject to certain conditions.  With this
Order, we also grant DIRECTV’s request for modification of its blanket
authority to communicate with 1,000,000 receive-only earth stations,
which DIRECTV uses to provide “local-into-local”2 signals to U.S.
consumers, which will now communicate with the DIRECTV 1 satellite.  The
DIRECTV 1 satellite will operate at the 72.5º W.L. orbital location
under a Canadian space station authorization 1.issued to Telesat Canada
(Telesat) by Industry Canada.  Because the United States authorization
for DIRECTV 1 will be terminated when it arrives at the 72.5º W.L.
orbital location, we also dismiss, as moot, several pending applications
relating to that space station.  Customer traffic will be handed off
from DIRECTV 5 to DIRECTV 1 while the satellites are briefly co-located
at the 72.5º W.L. orbital location.  Once the hand-off is completed,
DIRECTV proposes to use the DIRECTV 5 satellite to replace a failing
satellite at another orbital location.  We grant DIRECTV’s request for
special temporary authority to relocate the DIRECTV 5 satellite to the
109.8º W.L. orbital location of the failing satellite (nominally, the
110º W.L. orbital location) after the hand-off, and to conduct TT&C
operations during that drift.  Grant of these applications will permit
DIRECTV to commence a series of satellite fleet moves needed to maintain
continuity of service to DIRECTV customers at several locations,
necessitated by the deteriorating condition of another satellite in the
DIRECTV fleet.

1.The DIRECTV 5 satellite currently operates at the 72.5º W.L. orbital
location pursuant to an agreement between DIRECTV and Telesat, and under
authorization issued by Industry Canada to Telesat.1  The proposed
relocation of the DIRECTV 1 satellite to the 72.5º W.L. orbital location
is based upon a revision to an agreement between DIRECTV and Telesat.
The revised agreement will make the DIRECTV 5 satellite available for
use at another, U.S.-licensed orbital location.  DIRECTV has agreed to
move the DIRECTV 1 satellite to the 72.5° W.L. orbital location, subject
to necessary governmental approvals in the United States and in Canada.
 The agreement provides DIRECTV with an exclusive right to use all of
the capacity on the DIRECTV 1 satellite at the 72.5° W.L. orbital
location until at least September 30, 2008, unless DIRECTV launches two
of three specific additional satellites before that date.  Under the
agreement, DIRECTV may, under certain circumstances, move the DIRECTV 1
satellite to one of its U.S.-licensed orbital locations,2 upon five
days’ notice to Telesat, in the event that DIRECTV 1 is needed to
replace some or all of the capacity of certain other DIRECTV satellites
should any of those satellites fail in orbit.

2.The agreement states that, once DIRECTV 1 is at the 72.5º W.L. orbital
location, it will be operated under Telesat’s direction and control.
DIRECTV will conduct TT&C for DIRECTV 1, on Telesat’s behalf, from a
U.S.-licensed earth station, until Telesat has developed and installed
the necessary facilities in Canada to perform such functions.
3.On April 27, 2005, DIRECTV filed with the Commission a copy of its
agreement with Telesat, and requested that the agreement be withheld
from public inspection pursuant to Sections 0.457 and 0.459 of the
Commission’s rules. 3  On the same date, DIRECTV also filed a request
for special temporary authority (STA) to relocate the DIRECTV 1
satellite, and a request for modification of its existing blanket earth
station authorization.4  The Satellite Division of the International
Bureau (Division) issued a Public Notice on April 29, 2005 accepting
DIRECTV’s STA request for filing.1  The Division issued a public notice
on May 25, 2005 accepting the DIRECTV blanket earth station request for
filing.2  No comments were filed in response to either of these filings.
1.On May 17, 2005, DIRECTV filed an application for an STA to relocate
the DIRECTV 5 satellite, after its customer traffic at the 72.5º W.L.
orbital location is transferred to the DIRECTV 1 satellite.3  On May 20,
the Division issued a public notice accepting the STA request for
filing.4  DIRECTV seeks authority to relocate the DIRECTV 5 satellite to
the 109.8º W.L. orbital location, at which location it has applied to
provide Direct Broadcast Service (DBS) on three licensed channels.5  No
comments were filed in response to this request.

STA to Relocate DIRECTV 1
1.The need to replace DIRECTV 5 with DIRECTV 1 results from the
deteriorating condition of a third satellite, DIRECTV 6, at the 109.8º
W.L. orbital location, which has experienced repeated solar array
failures, as recently as March of this year.  In order to ensure that
the three DBS channels on that satellite remain fully operational,
DIRECTV has turned off payload heaters on board the satellite.  DIRECTV
reports that the degradation of operations stemming from the solar array
failures is expected to continue as more arrays fail.1  It is also
likely that the solar array failures will be aggravated by the
approaching annual solar eclipses occurring around the autumnal equinox.
2.DIRECTV explains that the DIRECTV 5 and DIRECTV 6 satellites were
designed with the same operational capabilities, including an antenna
design optimized for service from the nominal 110º W.L. orbital location
at which DIRECTV 6 is now providing service.  Therefore, DIRECTV 5 is
well-suited to replace DIRECTV 6 at the 110º W.L. orbital location,
while the DIRECTV 1 satellite, which does not share that antenna design,
is not as well-suited for service at that location.2  At the same time,
DIRECTV 1 is capable of providing the local-into-local services
currently provided by DIRECTV 5 at the 72.5º W.L. orbital location.3
3.Upon review, we find that DIRECTV has shown a grant of this request
would serve the public interest.  Specifically, this STA will enable
DIRECTV to maintain continuity of DBS service from the 109.8º W.L. and
72.5º W.L. orbital locations, by authorizing the first in a series of
satellite moves that will allow the replacement of a deteriorating
DIRECTV 6 satellite.

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