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From: Rui C. Barbosa (
Date: Fri Sep 30 2005 - 11:45:10 EDT

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    Next sunday night I'm going to be on a expdition to watch the annular 
    eclipse that is going to take place on the morning of October 3rd. We are 
    going to be on a mountain on the north of Portugal and I wish to the chance 
    to make some satellites observations.
    I will be on Minas de Carris at 41 48' 40'' N - 8 02' 52'' W - 1508 m 
    Can some one tell me wich satellites I can observe or to point me to any 
    Internet like or software where I can see wich satellites will 'be 
    Thanks in advance!
    Best Regards!!!
    Rui C. Barbosa
    Braga - Portugal 
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