Re: determining coord distances for H-A predictions

Date: Thu Sep 29 2005 - 00:49:42 EDT

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    > This post has to do with using coordinates to try to predict where to best 
    observe iridium flares.
    Tony figured out what I was doing wrong. Duh. I thought I might be messing up 
    somewhere. I am used to using the GPS format as degrees minutes.decimal minutes 
    which needs to end with 'N and 'W at the edu/ website. 
    Sorry I messed up. It's organizations like this on that challenges the best and 
    saves time for many, like myself.  :~)
    I'm hoping to stimulate the kids while they are the right age to get interested 
    in satellite observing. I find that the 8th graders are quite a bit more 
    receptive and easier to work with than the 9th and 10 graders.
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