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From: Stephan Szyman (szymanss@hotmail.com)
Date: Sun Sep 25 2005 - 02:34:45 EDT

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    hi everyone,
    I recently wrote to mike a'hearn,  who led the deep impact science team.
    I urge anyone who agrees with me (especially my fellow US taxpayers) to 
    write to these individuals at nasa to stress the importance of continuing 
    the deep impact mission.  what a shame it would be to not extend the mission 
    of this healthy craft! by funding an extension (with a relatively modest 
    budget), we'd get a lot more bang for the 333 million bucks which have been 
    already spent on the mission.
    please read the following aritcle:
    here is a copy of my correspondence with dr. a'hearn:
    Dear Mr. Szyman,
        Thanks very much for your interest and I appreciate your excitement.
        Apparently we will be required to submit a proposal for an extended 
    mission to an Announcement of Opportunity that is scheduled to be released 
    "in the fall".  This will be a competitive selection with a peer review 
    panel, but ultimately the selection is made by a NASA official.  Key 
    officials, bottom to top, would be Andy Dantzler, Colleen Hartmann, and Mary 
    Cleave at NASA HQ.  I don't know how much it would help to write, but it 
    can't hurt.
    Mike A'Hearn
        dear mr. a'hearn,
    I just wanted to write you a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with 
    the results of the deep impact mission and the resulting science returned.  
    I followed the mission closely from the first time I heard of it,  several 
    years back.  I wasn't able to see the launch live on TV as it occured,  but 
    I was watching on the 3rd and 4th of july.  what a ride,  what a show!
    you and your team are a shining jewel in the crown of our space program and 
    indeed in the history of  astronomy and astronautics!  I think that in the 
    field of solar system geology, this mission ranks up there near the top, 
    alongside schmitt's discovery on apollo 17 and the genesis sample return 
    it's my hope you'll get the funding to continue the mission.  if you can 
    suggest anyone who I can write to over there in washington,  I'd be more 
    than happy to write them in your support. I want to encourage you in your 
    future work, also,  but mosty I wish to express how proud I am of you and 
    your team.
    thank you again, and CONGRATS!!!
    stephan szyman
    chicago IL USA
    Michael F. A'Hearn                        Tel: 301 405 6076
    Department of Astronomy                   FAX: 301 405 3538
    University of Maryland
    College Park MD 20742-2421
    deep impact's official website is 
    clear skies!
    stephan szyman
    chicago IL USA
    41.6840N, 87.7000W; 188 msl
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