Re: SEP 22 Vandenberg AFB Dusk Launch

Date: Fri Sep 23 2005 - 10:25:30 EDT

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    I passed along the information on the launch to my friend, Mike Bihuniak, who 
    lives with his wife, Lin, in Kingman, Arizona.  Below is a report on what 
    they saw.
    -- joe rao
    Hey Joe,
    Thanks again for the heads up on the launch. This one was more spectacular 
    than the last one. We observed the contrail rising above the western horizon 
    shortly after launch. The skies were Arizona clear and the contrail was 
    brilliant. The contrail started out as a very orange reflection of the 
    setting sun. Sunset here is around 6:35 MST and the skies were dark to the 
    east but still a lot of light in the west. As the rocket rose, the contrail 
    turned to white and briefly disappeared when one of the stages separated. 
    The rocket and it's contrail continued towards the S/E and passed directly 
    under a very bright Venus. The contrail was still visible when I came in to 
    send this to you, approx. 10 minutes after liftoff. Quite a show!
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