Re: Jeff Gortatowsky's images of Minotaur launch

Date: Fri Sep 23 2005 - 01:39:52 EDT

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    >>Hot off  the press
    taken on  Sept 22 evening<<
    Yep, that was it all right. "Streak" is  certainly an appropriate name for 
    it! It went off right on schedule, headed  south, and in a matter of seconds 
    filled the western sky with a brilliant white  plume. I watched the whole thing, 
    staging and all (was that second stage  separation?), with my binoculars from 
    a neighbor's front yard across the street  from my house (in San Diego). A 
    nice touch: it passed right above (and quite  outshone) Venus. One passing 
    bystander was quite awestruck by the event, but  after things settled down he tried 
    to sell me a subscription to the LA Times. I  managed to detach myself from 
    the conversation and got back inside the house  exactly when Jeopardy! was 
    starting. They couldn't have timed the launch  better.
    Many thanks to the satellite list for the heads-up. It was really  fun to 
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