Re: Jeff Gortatowsky's images of Minotaur launch

From: Jim Scotti (
Date: Thu Sep 22 2005 - 23:28:21 EDT

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    Great pictures!  I might have gotten some good ones from SW of Tucson if it 
    weren't for Murphy working against me.  I got a slightly late start then had 
    to wait for a schoolbus, then a traffic accident delayed me.  I finally 
    pulled off on a side street nowhere near where I wanted to go and with a 
    rotten horizon and when I saw the plume rising, it was behind trees and 
    bushes.  I finally stopped at the end of a road, pulled out camera and tripod 
    and proceded to take 2 pictures with the lens cap on - D'Oh!  I missed the 
    best part of the show.  Finally, while I was rushing to get going, I couldn't 
    carefully focus and ended up with rather a lot of mediocre images.  I'm going 
    to put a couple on my photoblog page at: 
    - enjoy!
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