Thanks for answers

From: martins (
Date: Tue Sep 20 2005 - 14:11:51 EDT

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    Thanks for Your answers.
    Using calsky it was possible to identify some of unidentified objects. It
    both were H-2A Rocket bodies from IGS and Adeos. In heavens above I do not
    find such objects. 
    I have following unidentified objects:
    09.11 18:48 GMT Az=90, El=80 heading north, bright object 2.0 magnitude
    09.17 18:44 GMT Az=90, El=80 heading south, bright object 3.0 magnitude
    If these were clasified satelites where can I find their tle?
    Martins Keruss
    Riga, lat:56,52 lon:24,07
    Local time:GMT+3 h
    Have a dark and clear skys!
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