Re: iss boost?

Date: Mon Sep 19 2005 - 13:50:33 EDT

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    In a message dated 9/19/2005 10:26:22 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:
    >>The last reboost was on 9/15/2005<<
    Hey, that would give the ISS three whole days to accumulate a  substantial 
    schedule difference before its "scheduled appearance" over San Diego  on 9/18. I 
    started looking for it about 15 minutes before 8:15 pm and went  inside about 
    15 minutes after 8:15. Could it have been more than 15 minutes  ahead 
    of/behind schedule simply due to the reboost? And--since I printed out the  schedule 
    several days BEFORE 9/15, HA would not have known about the reboost.  Drat 
    those Fates! I'll print out a new schedule for Tuesday night's pass later  today 
    and compare it with the old one. Maybe HA is now aware of the new  orbit.
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