Lunar eclipse of satellites

From: Russell Eberst (
Date: Sun Sep 18 2005 - 15:32:06 EDT

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    19 years ago, on 1986 October 3, I was able to witness a number of satellites
    passing through the lunar shadow and experiencing a partial eclipse. Although
    the eclipse itself was not visible from my location, I was able to witness its
    effects indirectly. Now, one Metonic cycle later, on 2005 October 3, another
    opportunity occurs to observe a similar event. In this case, the best location
    is Canada, if my calculations are correct. It will be a pre-dawn event.
      Using Heavens-Above, I have compiled a list of possible candidate satellites.
    Their catalog numbers are listed below. Maybe someone would like to investigate
    the individual circumstances for each object. I should point out that the list
    is very far from complete, and there are probably many more objects that 
    could be
    List of numbers:
      22566  20443  17974  21147  18748  22220  13819  23561 24298  15944
      13367  16262  16882  23343   7338  11601  12071  20510
    Best wishes
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