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Date: Sun Sep 18 2005 - 10:22:30 EDT

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    Hello and welcome to SeeSat-L.
    Taking your questions in order:
    1) I have couple of objects which do not fit with heavens-above data and cal
    > sky data. How
    > can I identify these objects?
    There are a couple of pieces of software which will work out a satellite ID
    from your  observations; one suggestion is IDSAT from Mike McCants.  You
    will need an up-to-date TLE file from Space-Track.
    > I want write this data in IOD format but I do
    >  not know my station id. Where can I get info about my station id?
    If you use ObsReduce by Ted Molczan (available from the website),
    it will automatically convert your observations into IOD format or any other
    recognised format.  Pierre Neirinck allocates COSPAR station ID numbers, so
    I suggest you contact him   I will send him your email address.
    > My location Riga lat:57 lon:23=20
    You will need a more accurate position than this but all observations are
    welcome here - we're very friendly!
    > 2) Is there some software which transforms IOD data to TLE data and can I
    > obtain this soft too?
    SATFIT by Scott Campbell will do this for you; it is available from
     3) I have observed satelite which fits good with the solrad 7b (usspacecom:
    > 1291), but there is doubt because of magnitude. May be its magnitude is
    > grater than predicted. Have
    > someone observed this satelite too?
    I have not observed  01291/65-016D, but I am sure one of our veteran members
    will have done so and can tell you.  Remember that satellite magnitude will
    vary with distance and the angle between the observer, the satellite and the
    Sun so a satellite will not always shine at its standard magnitude.
    Best wishes
    Bruce MacDonald
    COSPAR Site 2751
    Devizes, Wiltshire, UK
    51.3440 N 1.9849 W 125m (WGS84)
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