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Date: Fri Sep 16 2005 - 16:00:39 EDT

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    Well, the Heavens Above Web site tells  me that the ISS is due to pass almost 
    directly over San Diego (my home town) a  little after 8 pm Sunday night. 
    It'll be about magnitude -1, so it should be  quite a sight, especially as the 
    sun sets on the station shortly after it passes  by the zenith point (near Vega) 
    and it fades out of sight. Old hat to everyone  else on this list, of course, 
    but nevertheless something I with my aging vision  will be able to 
    appreciate. Usually the ISS appears here dimly, something like  10 or 20 degrees above 
    the horizon at magnitude 2 or so, not particularly  comfortable for observing 
    in between the houses and trees and  such.
    Therefore, I predict that the sky will be completely overcast  Sunday 
    evening, so that I will be unable to enjoy the ISS passover. I make this  prediction 
    to test whether the Fates are more interested in letting me see the  station, 
    and thus proving me wrong, than in proving me right.  
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