Re: off topic - anyone interested in having a get together in Canada

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Tue Sep 13 2005 - 15:58:35 EDT

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    > Brian Hunter had thought about having a meeting of Satellite observers. It 
    > would be held in
    > Canada, most likely it sounds in Kingston Ontario.
    > I think it's a good idea, so who people be interested in coming to canada 
    > for a meeting.
    Just so long as it isn't in the winter I vote "aye."   (Canada has a bad rep 
    for winters here in SoTex.)  :-)
    However, let me suggest that this might be an opportunity not only to get 
    together but to have a set of topical presentations on "The Way Forward." 
    Surely things like the video observers' growing contributions and Ted's 
    ObsReduce have built on the admirable classical methods;  standardizing data 
    formats has also been a big help. These recent developments show what can be 
    done with modern resources, and there are other potential ones out there. 
    Automated telescopes, further image/data reduction routines, automated 
    prioritization of observations and the like come to mind.
    Having a meeting next Canadian spring/summer with a day for people to 
    present their ideas and current projects dealing with such matters is 
    something I'd advocate.  The time between now and then could be used for 
    proposing topics, getting ideas, preparing presentations, etc.
    Someone would need to coordinate this to some extent.
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