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From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Mon Sep 12 2005 - 05:04:55 EDT

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    Dear all,
    The Solar X-ray Observatory "Yohkoh" (SOLAR-A) will make re-enter to
    the earth's atmosphere tonight. It is analyzed that the frame of the
    Yohkoh will be burned and vanish during the re-entry, therefore it
    will not fall to earth but you can observe the re-entry emission 
    as an artificial fireball.
    The Yohkoh was launched aboard M-3S-II Launch Vehicle Flight No. 6 on
    August 30, 1991, from the Uchinoura Space Center by the former
    Institute of Space and Astronautical Science of the then Ministry of
    Education (currently Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency or JAXA) .
    Because of the changing of atmospheric density due to the recent
    unexpected high solar activities, it is impossible to predict the
    exact time and location of the re-entry until today.
    Now we can provide you the latest reentry information as follows;
    Nominal Reentry Time; 9:30:27(UT) on September 12, 2005.
    Early predicted Reentry Time;  7:32:36(UT) on September 12, 2005.
    Later predicted Reentry Time; 12:19:30(UT) on September 12, 2005.
    Reentry path;
    The prediction have still uncertainty.
    We would like to receive information(and data) about Yohkoh Reentry Light.
    Please contact us;
    Shinsuke Abe <>
    Tadashi Takano <>
    Jun-ichi WATANABE <>
    We arrived at asteroid Itokawa by using HAYABSA explore this morning.
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