Re: LES 8 not observed

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Sat Sep 10 2005 - 12:22:48 EDT

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    Thanks very much to Steve LaLumondiere for his report
    on LES 8 (76-023A, 08746)!
    Last night -- September 9/10 -- I managed to see three 
    flashes from it.  They were not very bright:
    ------  4:17:06.7 Sept. 10 UTC (last decimal place rounded)
    126.07  4:19:12.8
    252.56  4:23:25.3
    Two nights ago I saw it 50 minutes later.  It seems 
    that it's flashing quite a bit earlier from night to 
    night.  Obviously the Sun is going south rapidly, which 
    may be making the flash track move north.  The actual 
    times from two nights ago were (five of them -- 
    obviously I was too tired to count past four when I 
    sent a message the other morning):
    ------  5:06:55.5 Sept. 8 UTC
    128.13  5:09:03.7
    124.10  5:11:07.8
    124.09  5:13:11.85
    126.56  5:15:18.4
    The second or third flash was *very* bright.  I was using
    the 8x42, and I thought it could have been zero magnitude.
    To eastern hemisphere people, I'm sorry that this one is 
    trapped on this side of the world, by the Andes I'm told.
    As Kevin Fetter has mentioned already, "flaring geosat 
    season" has begun!  Here's a link to more information on 
    that for any who don't know about this very interesting 
    I've looked for them for a couple of evenings, but it's 
    still too early in the season here.
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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