Photograph of flaring USA 129 (96-072A)

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Thu Sep 08 2005 - 17:19:12 EDT

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    Just 40 minutes ago SatTrackCam Leiden captured USA 129 (96-072A) while it was 
    flaring brightly in the zenith near 20:36:10 UTC:
    Maximum brightness of about mag -1.5 was a few seconds after the end of this 
    10.7 second exposure, which shows it brightening rapidly. Very nice to see 
    visually! Observing conditions: clear but somewhat hazy.
    A second exposure starting at 20:36:40.8 UTC only shows a faint trail.
    Will start to measure the image right away, positions will follow later.
    - Marco  :-)
    Dr Marco Langbroek  -  SatTrackCam Leiden, Cospar 4352
    Leiden, the Netherlands, 52.15894 N, 4.48883 E (WGS84), +5 m ASL
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