stumbled on a tumbler

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Date: Tue Sep 06 2005 - 00:00:30 EDT

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    Was doing some casual telescope observing and while lining up
    on Albireo through the spotting scope saw a sat going by and
    decided to follow it.
    So I followed it from Albireo as it moved from north to south.
    Eventually as it got close to the southern horizon just before
    passing through the Scorpions tail, it passed right through
    open cluster M7 and an airliner shortly after that.
    I didn't get a good time on it as I didn't have my watch on me,
    but when I came inside after losing the sat completely, it was
    about 8:18 pm.
    location: 118.00 west 33.8 north
         time: between 20:00 and 20:18 PDT (UTC -7)
    direction: north to south, passing close to Albireo and thought M7
    brightness: slow erratic variation, maybe a tumbling rocket body?
    I can't find it in what TLE's I can find on the web. Can anyone
    ID this for me? It's much appreciated.
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