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From: Stephan Szyman (
Date: Sun Sep 04 2005 - 18:57:35 EDT

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    hello everybody,
    I misplaced my trusty robic sc-600 sports chronometer on a trip to st. 
    louis, missouri last weekend.  (click here to see a pic: )
    so, I'm in the market for a new stopwatch.
    the robic performed well for me since I began observing visible satellites 
    in 1998.  in the 10,000,000 seconds which transpired between 05:00 cdt 5 nov 
    2004 and 22:46:40 cdt 28 feb 2005,  the robic gained only 34 seconds,  which 
    works out to .0000034 second gained per second.
    I'm hoping to find a watch with similar accuracy,  hopefully an improvement 
    upon the robic's.  also,  the one thing I'd always wished the robic had was 
    a face light (preferably red) as fumbling with a flashlight and the 
    resulting nightvision loss was always a bit frustrating.
    I'd prefer the readout to be in numeric or digital form instead of the 
    "classic" face with hands.  I'd prefer modes as the robic had:  stopwatch 
    with lap capability;  24:00/am-pm option, date, day of week, alarm 
    additionally,  I'd prefer if the watch were not a wristwatch (although I 
    might not have misplaced my robic had it been one) and that the  "lamp" 
    could be toggled on and off instead of requiring constant pressure (an auto 
    shutoff would be nice so that the battery wouldn't be run down if it were 
    left on inadvertantly.)  I'd also wish the watch to be durable and at least 
    water-resistant,  as I tend to do quite a bit of camping/canoeing et c.
    also,  my budget for this watch should be less than U$200. if a reasonably 
    good one can be gotten for below U$50,  that'd be better.
    I notice people talking on these pages about "timing the flashes" of 
    objects;  what is the technique for using a stopwatch to time flashes and 
    what are the requirements of the watch in performing these techniques?
    I would appreciate any comments and advice on this topic, especially from 
    the "old timers."
    clear skies!
    stephan szyman
    chicago IL USA
    41.6840N, 87.7000W; 188 msl
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