8-26-05 sighting question

From: paul heisig (apheisig@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Sep 04 2005 - 00:41:36 EDT

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    Saw an interesting sight the other night, found this
    group and figured I'd ask if anyone can tell me what I
    was looking at.  The skies were very clear.
    Location: Averill Park, NY 42 39 36 N 73 31 54 W
    Date/Time:  8-26-05, between 10:30 and 10:40pm EDT (-4
    I saw three dim satellites, moving in unison to the
    Northeast or North-Northeast through 10 x 50
    binoculars.  I could not see them with the naked eye. 
    The objects were arranged like a greatly flattened
    isosceles triangle moving sideways.
    Paul Heisig
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