Cosmos 2369 Rocket this AM?

From: Charlie Hoff (
Date: Sat Sep 03 2005 - 10:24:12 EDT

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    Observed 3 bright bodies travelling close together Saturday AM 
    (2005-09-02), approx 0325 EDT (0725 UTC); from 44.55N, 70.55W.
    Objects in a slightly angled line, with 1 degree or less separation 
    between each, all approx same magnitude (est. Mag 2-3).
    Objects traveled from West high altitude to NNE low altitude. Observed 
    both naked eye & with 10x50 binoculars, no tumbling or flashing observed.
    I've checked Heavens-Above, only object I can find that matches time & 
    trajectory is Cosmos 2369 Rocket, USSPACECOM #26070, international # 
    2000-006-B.  However, no indication there are 3 bodies travelling 
    together.  Any confirmation or correction would be appreciated.  Thanks,
    Charlie Hoff
    Rumford, ME USA
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