03790B Obs

From: Kent Yeglin (ky@yeglin.com)
Date: Tue Sep 28 2004 - 01:23:22 EDT

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    03790B, 90019 was the Unid I observed Sunday morning:
    90019 03 790B   8737 P 20040926130755040 27 25 0358333-135614 19 R
    90019 03 790B   8737 P 20040926130841940 27 25 0438069-142660 38 R
    90019 03 790B   8737 P 20040926130957060 27 25 0547131-145835 38 R
    90019 03 790B   8737 P 20040926131021760 27 25 0610271-151156 48 R
    Obs with 7x50, reduced using ObsReduce.
    I was unable to ID this object using IDSat and SkyMap, although 03790B was 
    one object I considered, given the similar track and the large time 
    uncertainty using the 30 August elset. I even used Feobsent to attempt to 
    fit its orbit to my observations, but ended up with points that disagreed 
    wildly with one another, so I basically gave up on that possibility.
    Please note that I am not 100-percent confident that points 3 and 4 used the 
    correct reference stars -- I lost them in the increasing twilight and could 
    not plot them on the sky chart, as I usually do with Unid's. Using 
    ObsReduce with the new day 271.3598 elset, the reference stars appeared as 
    sketched (and the points agree reasonably well with the other two), 
    although the fact that two of the reference stars are very close to my 
    estimated limiting magnitude in the brightening sky makes me suspicious. 
    Point 2 should be the best (particularly in the time domain), as it made an 
    estimated 8.5-degree right-triangle below 53 Eridanus. Point 1 is a 
    "vicinity" point made at initial acquisition as the object made a distant 
    appulse of gamma-Eridanus, thus the large cross-track uncertainty.
    Magnitude was circa 4.5 -> 7.0, very approximate 20-second period regular.
    Site 8737: 37.83000 N, 122.26194 W, 40 m
    Kent Yeglin
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