videotaped -8 flare in twilight

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Mon Sep 27 2004 - 20:25:33 EDT

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    I just videotaped a mag -8, iridium-8, flare in a bright twilight sky. I hit
    it dead on in the view finder. I aimed S where it was supposed to be and
    used a "pitch and angle locator" to adjust the camera to the correct angle.
    To make sure I got it I zoomed all the way out. Next time I will try zooming
    I got the info from H-A. Just to make sure I was right in telling someone
    else to go out and look I checked for the passes of Iridium 8 in H-A at that
    time but found none. I was afraid that it wasn't going to happen (and I
    would look bad) so I went to CelesTrak and got the TLE for it then put it
    into my TheSky program. I was delighted to see it was making a good pass
    right where it was supposed to be.
    It peaked right on time. The twilight flares are the best!
    My details are:
    Latitude: 42.473513              42 deg  28' 25"
    Longitude: -92.360413          92 deg  21' 37"
    Meters above sea level: 274
    Time zone: USA Central Standard Time, GMT -6
    Local Time: 7:09:10PM CDT
    Tom  Iowa  USA
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