RE: Cosmos 2410 launched - a new generation of elint satellite

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sun Sep 26 2004 - 17:15:44 EDT

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    According to this site
    It's a kobalt satellite that was launched.
    it says
    Launch of Cosmos-2410 “new generation” satellite
    On September 24, 2004 Russia successfully launched Soyuz-U rocket with Cosmos-2410 spacecraft from
    the Plesetsk launch site. The launch was reported to be part of the flight testing program (LKI)
    of a “new generation satellite” developed by TsSKB Progress and MZ Arsenal. According to the Space
    Forces, the main goal of the mission is “to confirm viability of technical decisions that will be
    used in a broad range of military satellites that will constitute the core of the Russian
    satellite constellation up to 2015.” 
    The launch was performed from the launch complex No. 16 of the Plesetsk launch site by the Space
    Forces crews at 20:50 MSK (19:50 DMV, 16:50 UTC). According to the Main Space Command and Control
    Center of the Space Forces, the spacecraft successfully reached their orbits at 20:59 MSK and the
    Center crews took control overt the satellite at 21:01 MSK. Cosmos-2410 received international
    designation 2004-038A and NORAD catalog number 28422.
    The launch was initially scheduled on September 23rd, 2004, but on September 19th, 2004 the Space
    Forces announced that the launch will be postponed for one day to allow for additional technical
    This launch was the first launch from the complex No. 16 at Plesetsk since June 20th, 1996, when a
    Souyz-U launcher was destroyed shortly after liftoff.
    I though the orbit was strange for a elint satellite.
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