Re: Speculation on payload of final CCAFS Titan IV

From: Bruce MacDonald (
Date: Sat Sep 25 2004 - 16:27:44 EDT

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    Fascinating.  The article mentions the launch on June 30, 2005 of the final
    Titan IV from VAFB.  I take it that this is to be the next KH bird,
    presumably to replace USA 116.
    If this next launch is to be Lacrosse 5, I shall be sorry to see Lacrosse 2
    go.  Although I have only been observing satellites seriously for a year or
    so, I have become attached to these birds - but then I can get a bit
    sentimental at times.
    Best wishes,
    Ted Molczan:
    > Spaceflight Now reported recently that the final T-IVB vehicle to be
    > from CCAFS, on 2005 Feb 20, has NUS (no upper stage) and a 66 ft fairing:
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