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From: Linda (
Date: Fri Sep 24 2004 - 08:05:22 EDT

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    This is probably off topic, but I would appreciate some feed back 
    privately to me.  My school has a 10" Meade reflecting telescope.  On 
    Monday night we will be having a PTO meeting and I would like to have a 
    viewing session for those who attend.  Will viewing the 99% moon cause 
    any permanent eye damage?  I plan on them viewing the ISS and HST if 
    possible.   I have not followed (or understood) all the discussion about 
    changes to the data released about the satellites, but I was wondering 
    if information on Heavens Above is still accurate to use to find 
    satellites, etc.?  Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 
    Thanks in advance from an almost illiterate satellite viewer,
    Linda Ramsey
    37.12 N,  -87.10 W
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