OT: Asteroid Toutatis pays a visit

From: Allen Thomson (thomsona@flash.net)
Date: Thu Sep 23 2004 - 15:17:11 EDT

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    Perhaps something to look for while waiting for a satellite:
    Space Weather News for Sept. 23, 2004
    ASTEROID FLYBY: Asteroid 4179 Toutatis is flying past Earth this week. The 
    weirdly tumbling space rock is close enough (4 lunar distances) and bright 
    enough (9th magnitude) to see through backyard telescopes.  For the next few 
    days it will scoot through the constellation Capricornus where amateur
    astronomers worldwide can find it.  By Sept. 29th, when Toutatis is closest 
    to Earth, it will be visible mainly from the southern hemisphere.  Observers 
    there can see it passing not far from the bright star Alpha
    Centauri. Follow the links at spaceweather.com to sky maps and detailed 
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