RE: [dsat] MSF downtime - pse circulate

From: Andy Kirkham (
Date: Tue Sep 21 2004 - 16:35:17 EDT

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    > As a backup, is it possible to buy radio-controlled clocks 
    > controlled by the
    > DCF77 transmitter in the UK?
    > Indeed, is it possible to pick up a signal strong enough from Germany to
    > control a clock?  My feeling is that it is possible, at least in Southern
    > England.  I remember picking up time signals from DIZ (?) in Nauen on HF
    > back in the 1980s with no problems, but that was probably a more powerful
    > signal.
    And yes again. I've built quite a number of hardware "hobby"
    projects over the years that use MSF to keep a clock. However,
    from the first time I implemented one, I also maintained an
    internal rtc (real time clock) as the spec clearly stated
    (back then) that the service was subject to standard
    maintainence outages of more then two weeks during the summer
    With that in mind, the sat obs system I am deploying uses
    GPS as it's timing standard. Specifically GPS modules with
    teh "microsecond aligned pps" output. I think that's they
    way to go, esp since receiver modules are now nearly as 
    cheap as MSF/DCF modules.
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