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From: Colin Knight (
Date: Tue Sep 21 2004 - 11:51:58 EDT

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    I have two wall clocks and two wrist watches using MSF and all are currently perfect time...this maintenance down time comes around every year...and as a rule the service is maintained for certain periods during the night hours so clocks can lock on to the signal at least once in 24 hours...which is good enough to maintain as accurate a time one can wish for. Even if the signal is only checked once every three days any clock/watch should maintain time to within a second or less.
    If you're clock is losing four hours it sounds to me as if it might be located in a place where it can't lock on to the signal might be worth moving it around which ever room it's in to see if things improve...if not I would take it back to where you purchsed it and get a replacement.
    My four time pieces are working to the second...after checking the BBC radio time I can't complain from my location.
    ======= At 21-09-2004, 08:46:00 you wrote: =======                                  
    >My wall clock is showing four hours slow.  I can't imagine how MSF is allowed to
    >go down, with thousands (perhaps hundreds of thousands) of clocks and now
    >watches relying on its "one second in a million years" accuracy.  Any comments?
    >David Brierley
    >> FYI - Max
    >> Hence one of the reasons why it is not listed in the BAA Handbook!
    >> MSF Time and Frequency Station Closing for Essential Maintenance
    >> The MSF 60kHz Time and Frequency signal broadcast from the BT Rugby radio
    >> station will be closed down from 9.00am on Monday 20 September 2004 until
    >> 9.00am on 4 October. The interruption to the transmissions is required to
    >> allow maintenance work to be carried out in safety. The service will be
    >> restored overnight whenever possible, but this will not always be feasible
    >> as extensive work is required on the aerial masts.
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