DMSP B5D2-2 X1 FLASH 9/18/04

From: ykchia (
Date: Sun Sep 19 2004 - 06:58:16 EDT

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    Hi folks:
        I was checking my video stills for meteor in 4-minutes stills and 
    came across a satellite trail that left a varying mag line.
         Just before it disappeared in the upper right  FOV it left a 
    iridium like flash. The flash must be pretty brief as it left a circular 
    bright dot franked by much thinner streaks on both side ( unlike iridum 
    flare that had gradual mag change)  
         Skymap indicated DMSP B5D2-2 a likely candidate. Too bad the 4-hour 
    tape ran out leaving the pc doing the frame grabs. ( I parallel out to 
    video recorder and pc recording)
        Event : 9/18/2004, 05: 9:32(36)AM  S'pore Time,  near Yale 1143 at 
    az=186.3, alt= 51degree
    Singapore  +8UT,
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