NASA and AFSPC Announce New Service to Replace OIG

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Tue Sep 14 2004 - 13:30:41 EDT

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    A short time ago, NASA/OIG added the following announcement to their login page:
                  Notice            Notice           Notice
    Per Public Law 108-136 (The National Defense Authorization Act for
    Fiscal Year 2004), Section 913 (Pilot Program for the Provision of Space
    Surveillance Network Services to Non-United States Government Entities), the
    U.S. Department of Defense will be standing up a new website (currently not
    operational) for distribution of the information that is currently provided by
    the NASA OIG website.  Implementation of this new website is being worked by the
    U.S. Air Force, specifically, Air Force Space Command, and NASA has been working
    closely with them in this effort.  For the Air Force Space Command status of
    this new website click on the Space-Track Web Site link below.    As indicated
    in the status announcement, once the new website is finalized, NASA plans to
    discontinue the OIG website, with the actual date of termination still to be
    determined. 09/14/2004
                  Notice            Notice           Notice
    Space-Track Web Site:
    The contents of the URL were:
    Space-Track Web Site
    2004/09/14 17:54:25 Session time remaining: 01:52:15
    Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) is establishing a pilot program to provide the
    space surveillance support that NASA has provided to Commercial and Foreign
    Entities (CFE) for many years.  Authorization for this program was signed into
    law on November 24, 2003.
    In the pilot program the Air Force, through the CFE Space-Track website, will
    distribute Two Line Elements (TLEs), satellite catalog messages, satellite
    decay messages, Project TIP messages, and most of the miscellaneous messages
    currently offered by the NASA Orbital Information Group (OIG) website.  The
    data will be provided with the same latency that has been provided by the NASA
    OIG website for many years.
    There are approximately 1115 current, active OIG user accounts.  These
    accounts will be transferred from the OIG website to the Space-Track website
    but OIG users will still have to register their Space-Track user account.  To
    register their Space-Track accounts, the first time OIG users login to the
    Space-Track website they should use their existing OIG username and use "OIG"
    as the password.  A temporary password will be e-mailed to the e-mail address
    of record for their OIG account.  OIG users will be able to access the
    Space-Track website after logging in with the temporary password and then
    changing their password.  Space-Track users without an existing OIG account
    will need to complete the New User Registration process to establish a
    Space-Track account.  All Space-Track users will be subject to the terms of
    the Space-Track website user agreement.  Also, the Space-Track website will
    probably require a different script if you have an automated process.
    NASA is working closely with AFSPC in this effort to ensure a smooth
    transition of operations.  The pilot program and the transition from the NASA
    OIG web site to the CFE Space-Track web site will commence when we have
    received direction from the Secretary of Defense as required by Public Law
    108-136, Section 913, 10 U.S.C. 2274 (i).  Initially the CFE Space-Track
    website will have a limited, baseline capability.  The Space-Track website
    will then ramp up in the following months to replicate the required data and
    functionality offered by the OIG.  There will be dual OIG website and CFE
    website operations for 90 days during this transition period.  The final
    transition and shutdown date of the NASA OIG web site is still to be
    Lt Col David M. Maloney, AFSPC/XOCS, (719) 554-3092, DSN 692-3092, e-mail: is the AFSPC point of contact for the CFE Pilot
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