nice pass of the iss and cosmos 2406 R/B

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Mon Sep 13 2004 - 20:57:44 EDT

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    First I went out to enjoy a nice high pass of the iss. Very nice:)
    Then I had the cosmos 2406 R/B come by passing del cyg.
    So I go another video of it, this time with the time inserter running.
    I noticed the flashing, before it reached the zenith area, and then couldn't see it's flashing, 
    not to long after it reached it's highest point in the sky. 
    I then had the following fly by, a short time latter.
    CZ-4B DEB
    1 27433U 02024D   04256.94716182 +.00000079 +00000-0 +69094-4 0 03860
    2 27433 098.7027 294.3937 0014041 313.3229 046.6772 14.10042922120026
    All these messages I post, to drive you crazy. It so nice to be off, and have a clear sky, instead
    of cloudy skies:) 
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