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From: Jim Scotti (
Date: Wed Sep 08 2004 - 12:33:08 EDT

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    Watching on NASA TV, we had an excellent view of the spinning and tumbling
    spacecraft as it descended.  No drogue, not chute and as the camera tracked
    down, suddenly the ground appeared, the spacecraft disappeared and the camera
    stopped and panned back.  A few moments later, the had a great view of the
    broken spacecraft in its crater and later, images from the circling
    helicopters.  Reported estimated impact speed was about 100 mph and they
    reported the coordinates as N40d 07' 40" and W113d 30' 29".  Closeups of the
    capsule show it badly damaged, cracked in one direction, broken open in the
    other.  Workers are moving in, obviously examining the debris and
    photographing it.  There may be a live mortar which would have deployed the
    drogue had it worked, so they are being understandably cautious.  Not sure if
    the science is at all salvagable - certainly much of it was destroyed....
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