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From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Tue Sep 23 2003 - 05:56:40 EDT

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    A couple of months ago I looked up XPOP and LVLH, since they
    didn't mean a thing to me.  Here are three links that I found,
    with some explanation:
    Geocentric Equatorial Inertial (known to NASA as J2000)
    Quasi-Inertial Vehicle-Centered Reference Frame (known to NASA as XPOP)
    Vehiclecentric Orbital Rotating (known to NASA as LVLH) 
    XPOP (x-axis perpendicular to orbit plane) to LVLH TEA (local 
    vertical/local horizontal -- torque equilibrium attitude).  With 
    this reference frame, the station rotates once while circling 
    Earth, i.e., with respect to an inertial (space-fixed) reference 
    frame like XPOP.
    earth-oriented LVLH (local vertical/local horizontal) attitude to 
    XPOP (x-axis perpendicular to orbit plane)
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