Re: triplets besides NOSS?

From: Bill Mitchell (
Date: Thu Sep 11 2003 - 21:43:07 EDT

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    Thanks Björn.
    Well, most of the sky here is blocked by trees, but we picked them up
    just after (north of) Deneb, I would say the direction they were
    travelling would have sent them between Deneb and Vega, probably a
    tad closer to Deneb (how's that for scientific 8^)  That would make
    the max altitude around 85 degrees toward East.  They continued North
    and passed very close to Polaris which by then they had dropped to
    around 3 mag.  I'm afraid I can't do any better on the time, we had
    no watch, but if there's error I would say extend the window +15 or
    30 minutes max.  Sorry so vague like I said we had no watch.  I just
    thought there was a triplet I was unfamiliar with that someone would
    say, "oh yeah that's the xyz triplet" or something.
    My limiting mag is about 4 here.
    I checked the older NOSS triplets, there are only a few that look
    like are still "triplets" and I figured maybe one of those groups was
    it but they weren't around at that altitude.  Could it possibly be a
    rocket body and debris?
    Thanks again!
    --- _Gimle <Bjö> wrote:
    > The only triangle (with parallell tracks) I found above 55 degree
    > altitude around 01:15 UTC was OV1-9, 65-16D and 70-25BA, but only
    > 65-16D
    > was moving N (the other two anti-parallell) and all are faint.
    > Using a wider time range (+-3.5 min) I get lots of (faint) tracks,
    > but
    > it's hard to discern triangles on parallell paths. 91-68AJ is
    > running
    > parallell with Cosmos 1553 Rk, but at 2/3 the speed.
    > What is your time accuracy, and where did the triangle move in
    > relation
    > to Vega-Deneb-Altair ?
    > Mitchell1.gif is made with mag limit of +7, but Mitchell2.gif and
    > the
    > report files were produced with mag 12.
    > ----- Original Message ----- 
    > > While stargazing the night of September 8 from Erie, PA USA
    > (42.072N
    > > 80.143W) around 21:30 EDT or September 9 01:30 UT three of us saw
    > a
    > > widely spaced trio of satellites travelling North at zenith at
    > approx
    > > mag -1.  No joke, they were obviously brighter than vega at 0
    > mag.
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