triplets besides NOSS?

From: Bill Mitchell (
Date: Thu Sep 11 2003 - 14:03:55 EDT

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    While stargazing the night of September 8 from Erie, PA USA (42.072N
    80.143W) around 21:30 EDT or September 9 01:30 UT three of us saw a
    widely spaced trio of satellites travelling North at zenith at approx
    mag -1.  No joke, they were obviously brighter than vega at 0 mag. 
    They slowly dimmed as they travelled North.  I have seen the NOSS's
    on several occasions and this trio appeared more widely spaced than
    them.  I ran in and checked H-A but none were predicted for this
    time, not to mention I've never seen the NOSS's brighter than around
    5 mag.  I live in moderate light pollution and regularly observe
    Iridium's.  On a remote chance I ran Rob Matson's IridFlar v2.21 but
    found no matches there either (I realize Iridium's are not trio's but
    I don't have that many resources to check).  Sorry I don't have more
    specific info, we were just kicking back after a hard day of work. 
    Any help appreciated.
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