Re: Orbit for 94-17B. Please look for it!

From: David Brierley (
Date: Mon Sep 08 2003 - 02:40:22 EDT

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    > Davids comment about not being able to fit my observation refers.  Ive had a
    > look at the pass in question and see that  79050A passed over at the same
    > time.  I have to dig out a set of elements for 79050A around that date ( I
    > do have but other pc is tied up at the moment), but using more recent
    > elements for it, 79050A and 94-017B were together at the time of my claimed
    > observation so I am almost 100% certain that the observation of 94-017B is
    > in fact an observation of 79050A - this is what happens when there are too
    > many satellites. Unfortunately I no longer have the video tape (I thought I
    > did but the one still "alive" was for later in the night).
    > Sorry about misleading everyone!
    > Cheers
    > Greg
    Now that we've got 94-17B organised, I've looked back at my May orbit.  If you
    hadn't posted your June observation, Russell would have been looking for a
    satellite 50 minutes late instead of 36!
    All's well that ends well...
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