Re: Orbit for 94-17B. Please look for it!

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sat Sep 06 2003 - 02:03:18 EDT

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    Hi All
    Davids comment about not being able to fit my observation refers.  Ive had a
    look at the pass in question and see that  79050A passed over at the same
    time.  I have to dig out a set of elements for 79050A around that date ( I
    do have but other pc is tied up at the moment), but using more recent
    elements for it, 79050A and 94-017B were together at the time of my claimed
    observation so I am almost 100% certain that the observation of 94-017B is
    in fact an observation of 79050A - this is what happens when there are too
    many satellites. Unfortunately I no longer have the video tape (I thought I
    did but the one still "alive" was for later in the night).
    Sorry about misleading everyone!
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    > Congratulations to Russell Eberst for finding 94-17B.  Fitting Russell's
    to my
    > observations of May 1, and Peter Wakelin's of May 6, I get this orbit
    which has
    > a plausible ndot and should be good for a search.  I couldn't get Greg
    > observation of June 18 to fit.
    > USA 102                         6.3 v
    > 1 23031U 94017B   03247.85790174 0.00004810  00000-0  24935-3 0    05
    > 2 23031 105.0302 320.4188 0019969 114.5315 245.7656 15.15960270    09
    > David M Brierley
    > Malvern, Worcestershire, UK
    > Station 2675 52.1358N 2.3264W 70m
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