Progress R/B decay also seen from Crete?

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Tue Sep 02 2003 - 11:21:53 EDT

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    Hi Firat, Harro, Alan & others,
    Through his website, our member Daniel van Os received a report of a very
    slow bright fireball seen on 31 August 2003, ~5:30 local time (UTC+3), from
    Crete. It reportedly moved from the west to the east, very slow, 15 to 20
    seconds visibility.
    Although the time reported is off by 15 minutes (but as often with chance
    sightings might perhaps be a rough approximation only) I think this might
    well be another sighting of the 2003-039B (#27874) Soyuz-Progress RB
    decay given the reported long visibility and general close proximity,
    although not perfect match, of the reported time.
    If true, this might suggest that the decay started over Crete/the Aegaean as
    Firat has suggested (as for an observer in Crete the R/B would only emerge
    from the earth shadow at less than 5 degrees altitude in the northeast while
    descending to the horizon, this Crete observation certainly would indicate
    an observation of the fireball phase of the decay).
    I am trying to see whether I can get a bit more details on this possible
    observation. So far I only have a very brief second hand account on this
    sighting by Daniel communicated by him on our DMS mailing list this morning.
    - Marco
    Marco Langbroek
    Dutch Meteor Society (DMS)
    "What seest thou else
     In the dark backward and abysm of time?"
                                William Shakespeare
                                The Tempest act I scene 2
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