Re: Great view of ISS and 2 Progress

Date: Mon Sep 30 2002 - 04:13:39 EDT

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    Seesaters subscribe to this newsgroup because they like going out
    at night to watch satellites and share their experience with others.
    Therefore, it is unacceptable to abuse this group to spread personal
    opinions about anything else.
    So, please, spare us with such superfluous and inappropriate comments.
    It's a matter of courtesy.
    >Unprecendented disaster? (*)  Think again.  Try this on for size.  In
    >1928 the German government required registration of all firearms.  In
    >1938 the government confiscated all privately held arms.  In the
    >following 7 years the government itself killed 6,000,000 civilians.
    >These atrocities were ended only by the intervention of the US, which
    >cost the lives of 407,000 of America's finest young men.  Try writing
    >3,000 enough times to total up to 407,000.
    >(*) How could it be that hype is necessary to sell a 9/11 story?
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