Can someone explain?

From: Art Glick (
Date: Sun Sep 29 2002 - 21:28:43 EDT

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    Howdy All,
    I watched the ISS pass over the last two evenings.  Last night's pass was 
    still in twilight and from reading the posts here, I expected that I 
    wouldn't see Progress 9.  That made it even more of a charge to see it, 
    making a near overhead pass last night, following the ISS like a little 
    puppy at a magnitude easily brighter than +2, maybe even +1.
    One thing that confused me at the time.  Last night's pass reached zenith 
    here at 23:56 UTC (9/28), and I had already read, either here or elsewhere 
    on the net that Progress 9 had been placed in a parking orbit 1 Km from the 
    ISS.  Yet when they passed overhead, there was clearly about 20 degrees of 
    angular separation between them - much, much more than one would suspect 
    from 1 Km of separation at that distance (using my old high school trig, I 
    come up with about two magnitudes of ten from a 1 Km separation).
    No separate craft was visible during tonight's pass (00:34 UTC, 9/30), but 
    it may have been because the pass more or less skirted my rather poor 
    northern horizon (almost 30 degrees).
    Can anybody explain what I saw or does someone know the *actual* Progress 9 
    positioning over the last 24 hours (apparently some information posted 
    somewhere is in error).  I know it's supposed to dock tomorrow (Monday) 
    Our location is Lat=38.067, Long=-80.434, 2950' Elevation
    Many Thanks and Best Regards to all,
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